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The benefits of daily time-frame trading

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  • The benefits of daily time-frame trading

    There are many ways you can trade the market. Many people trade with short-term strategy and many people like to go with plans that give them a long time to keep their trades open. They are some of the strategies that you use in your career. When you start trading, you will find that most people take their decision based on the analysis. You will soon come to understand analyzing the trends is a game changer. You do it right and you will know where the price trend is going to be. You plan your trades and place some trades to make your profit.

    If you analyze the trends wrong or you cannot find out the future patterns, you will be throwing a stone in the dark. You do not know what is going to happen and all your planning will be based on assumption. There are many time frames in Forex chart that you can use to analyze the trend. There are a minute time frame, the hourly time frame, the daily and even the weekly time frame also. You will find many time frames are used by different trades and it is a mayhem. It is hard to know what the best timeframe is for you and this is what we are going to tell you in this article.

    Save yourself from the false spikeForex tradingDaily time-frame keeps you updated on the daily events and news
    There must be some reasons we have suggested to use the daily time-frame in your chart to analyze the trend. There are many benefits that make this time-frame suitable for all types of traders. First of all, Forex is a live market. Every trade is placed on live trend and even a small change in real time can change the trend. You cannot rely on the past trends to predict what is going to happen in the future. Daily time-frame suits because it keeps you updated on what has been happening, what news are releasing and the market is changing. If you have chosen the weekly time-frame, you may have missed some important trends. Weekly time-frame does not tell you what has happened yesterday. The past patterns determine how the future price trends will set its movement and daily time-frame is the ideal indicator. You get to know the update of markets every 24 hours and you are keeping up in real time. It is important in your career that you are provided the latest news intently.

    They keep you aim-centered
    If you trade with minute time-frame, you will find the trends are changing instantly. Though it is not how they change if you see the daily time-frame. You will think the trends are volatile when they are stable and going in your favor. For this reason, also, the daily time-frame is best for traders to use in their charts.

    Helps to plan your strategy
    As you have knowledge of the past pattern, you design your plan better and perfectly work out your plans. It is not possible in weekly or monthly time-frame when you do not have the latest news. You develop your strategy by comparing the past trends and using analysis to predict the future trends.

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    Interesting post thanks.
    I like the daily time frame as there is less disruption.


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      The higher time frame in forex will show you the real market trend. Nice post.


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        What's daily time for one person is nightly time for another person, depending on their time zone.