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    Originally created this post in the automated section but thought that it would fit better here..

    Although I don't have much time on my hands lately I would like to start this thread up and keep it updated while journaling my progress with a new system I have and maybe discuss and share ideas with other members here.

    The system is designed to take advantage of oversold & over extended periods in the market. It relies on different filters and criteria before opening trades and thus far it has preformed better than expected.Hopefully I can finish this month off strong with anywhere from 6 to 10%.

    Contrary to what MyFxbook says, the max drawdown thus far has been 24.35%, not the 13.6% that is showing now, for some reason when I re-added the account to my main myfxbook account it changed, guess it's determining the 13.6% from the current balance, not sure how myfxbook works in this regard.

    Here is the portfolio link

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    Last basket for this week was USDCHF LONG - closed it out for +0.74%, that puts me at my goal for this month of 6% or greater, as long as I don't take any losses after the weekend, which should not be a problem.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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      Officially closing November out with +7.65,very happy with this as I have kept the same position sizing parameters throughout the start of this account, will probably look into increasing risk early next year. Overall gain is sitting at +50.27.

      Worth noting the only loss this system has taken so far (Aug 14th 2018) was because I accidentally opened a trade. We'll see how long this lasts, will be refining a few behavioral settings though this process.

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        Originally posted by mlawson71
        You're very successful, congratulations!
        Thank you, already off to a good start for this month!

        It's a shame this forum is being overrun by spam, why doesn't Nick have a couple mods around, or implement defenses against this. Guessing this site is dying by the looks of it.


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          Keeping a journal is one of the best things you can do. I know that keeping and writing a journal has gone out of fashion but they help you in the long run. It is sad to see one of the classical things go out of style. What do you say guys? Do you keep a journal or something like that?


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            Thank you. I will try it. Maybe I can do it. and make this as learning material.