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  • Hi guys

    Hi Guys, i am new to forex trading. Any tips what to do or what NOT to do please let me know your advice. Experience is key, i am here to gain knowledge from you lot and share trading tips Molly x

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    Hi Molly.

    Start by trading on a demo account.

    Take screenshots of failed trades to see if there may have been a different way you could have gone about it, or to study it later on

    What I find very useful is some Youtube videos that make sense of things and also some articles. Check out the following

    - Trading with Rayner Teo, you will find his youtube video
    - Learn to trade the market by Nial Fuller

    I have found these two to be extremely helpful

    When it comes to trade, don't risk anymore than 1% of what you can afford to lose in total.
    Once you can prove to be profitable with a small amount of money, apply that with a larger amount of money, so on and so forth.


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      Hi Molly, on my experience..i started forex with free demo account for 3 month and starting to deposit some money and try to get profit from that.


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        I welcome you to the world of forex. I am sure that if you have a good work-ethic and determination, you will be successful in it. I will urge you to do demo account trading as much as you can. It will help you in the future and will definitely prevent losses that could disheart you.


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          Thanks for the reply guys!


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            hi. how are you today? i hope your day is very well and very fine.