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Buy to Sell order changer forex software for MT4

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  • Buy to Sell order changer forex software for MT4

    change buy to sell or sell to buy order for any ticket in real account with this advanced video tutorial

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    thank u so much. this is very useful for me.


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      This video is very helpful. Thank you my friend.


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        Oh, unfortunately that video was deleted, hope you can share it one more time. I came across one interesting article about software testing, don’t know if someone here is interested in software development, but I think that information is quite useful


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          You know, any useful information is what every trader needs. And you never know in advance which article will help you to move to the next level in your work. That's why I try to look through as much information as I can find on forums, sites and analytical resources. Of course it's hard to keep all the information in memory, but usually I find some thesis or suggestion, and if I find it interesting I start to study the data in more detail and maybe even test it on a demo or in practice. So it's good that you share such information, it can really be a real help for a certain number of traders.