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Margin and Leverage Trading very simply explained.

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  • Margin and Leverage Trading very simply explained.


    Margin / leverage tradingis very attractive for traders because it helps a trader to get a higher return on capital and allows him to take a larger position than a trader's capital.

    However, many traders find it difficult to understand margin trading and end up losing money when trading on margin. In this blog, we describe margin trading in simple terms without making it complicated.

    In simple terms, in the case of margin trading, a trader only gets his profit or loss on the coin. The merchant will not actually receive the coin, but only the profit or loss from the moment he enters the position until he leaves it.

    It's different from buying a coin because in this case you actually get the coin, but in the case of a margin trading, you will only get the P / L. Therefore, the margin trading is good for traders looking to take advantage of the change in the price of the coin and make fun of having or holding the coin.
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    thanks for such valuable information


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      Thank you for the explanation, I am sure newbies will benefit from it.


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        What is the forex margin which is shaped like the waves?


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          Newbis will benefit from this good explanation. I would just like to add that newbies should not approach to margin/leverage trading easy. They are very useful tool when trader is making profitable deals, but on the other side, with lose deals comes increased loss


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            with a simple explanation like this, I so much easier to understand your writing. Thank you.