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Are you guys using Forex Signal?

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  • Are you guys using Forex Signal?

    Hello guys

    I'm trading Forex about 2year now. I using FBS broker. Anyway, how do you guys think about Forex Signal? Do you guys think it really trustful? and Can make a profit? At the first time, I used Paid signal during the 2month, I think the win rate is slightly over 50~60%. but you know that there is a huge dropdown or some of signal required longterm trade. So my account balance just slightly increased. I just doubt about, it is quite meaningless to using paid signal. In nowadays using free signal is not bad. because there win rated the same as a paid signal. of course they offer just a few signals in a day. but I'm quite satisfied. So. do you guys have some recommendable free signal?

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    People who are in investment or want to start, they all must have heard about trading signals, whether it in forex, stock or any segment. The forex trading signal is used as a signal to generate a buy or sell the trading instrument, i.e. a signal indicating when to open or close a trade.
    Trading signals are very popular in the forex market. The information they indicate is worth having: what currency pair the trader should trade at, when to close the trade, and at what price. If the trend direction is going to be called back, the signal may help set the profit order and maximize the profit.
    Forex signals are very important to traders. But investors cannot rely on them completely and unconditionally. Trading signals are only ancillary transactions, and only traders can decide whether to open a transaction and use micro and macroeconomic factors, technical analysis, and non-market factors. You must personally analyze these trading tools. Check your records of transactions with your broker on the Forex market.
    Foreign exchange trading signals can replace trust management. Generally, when you close a transaction, you rely on an experienced trader or program instead of analyzing the market yourself. If you purchase a signal, you pay the subscription fee and start the transaction independently through the platform or broker. If you invest in a trust management service, the transaction is arranged by a broker or a management trader, but you must then share the profits with them. In any case, if the situation gets worse, you are only at risk of losing money.
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      Actually 60% is not that little, but on the other hand while using the signals I always have a question - for example, you see that a deal is not profitable, it's bad if you haven't done the analysis, how can you understand whether it should be strengthened or just sold and switched to another asset. This is not trading but a game, no, you can't work this way.


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          Signals is a really popular tool among traders, because it is a convenient way to quickly find market entry points and maintain quite high dynamics. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to find a service that would provide enough quality information. And much depends on when you open an order and many individual points. And that's why I would recommend using signals as reference points, which can be checked on a chart on different timeframes, etc. That is to say, use it purely as an analytical resource. The data you are talking about looks normal. Just do not risk unnecessarily, even if you notice that the statistics have grown considerably.


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            Using signals as reference point is not bad idea. But, it is very hard to find a good signal provider. I am not using them, but if I do, I would rather check them on demo account before I take them for granted