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Combining Forex Broker and Crypto Exchange Services.

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  • Combining Forex Broker and Crypto Exchange Services.

    Forex and Cryptocurrency trading has now become very popular in this modern trading era. Many peoples are getting engage with this kind of online trading platforms.

    So, if we combine these two trading platforms then this will be really incredible and today I'll be making a discussion on this topic.

    Therefore, without wasting any time, let's dive right in.

    The evolution of the cryptocurrency world continues and, although a number of cryptographic exchanges have been closely monitored by governments and regulators, the more experienced have shown the capacity and ability to provide the necessary functionality traders and investors to earn cryptomarket revenue, without facing the threat of theft.

    A peer-to-peer trading system on MT4

    NordFX has launched a trading platform that allows traders to exchange both currencies and cryptocurrencies on a single platform, allowing experienced traders and those wishing to gain exposure to the world to trade. cryptography to do it without having to move away from the MT4 Platform.

    Although many cryptographic exchanges offer access to a wide range of cryptocurrency and token linkages, the MT4 platform for currencies and cryptocurrencies has been successful because of the new cryptocurrency trading offer on the MT4 platform, supported by NordFX.

    Fix, Pro and Zero Trading Accounts, where credit leverage is offered, as well as spreads starting at 1 pip on the Fix account, 0.9 pips on Pro account and from 1 pip for encrypted pairs and cryptographic index trading option.

    In addition to the MT4 platform, NordFX professionals have developed an MTEX trading system that has turned the MT4 platform into a cryptographic exchange.

    A newly developed peer-to-peer trading system allows NordFX customers to negotiate directly with each other, which has the advantage of being able to execute orders at favorable prices and with fast execution, which not only reduces the impact of the volatility of the encrypted markets on the execution price but also trading costs and spreads.

    The key to the success of any peer-to-peer trading system is reach and volume, which NordFX can provide to its customers in more than 100 countries, with more than 1 million active accounts.

    Scope and liquidity are there to ensure transaction costs are lowered and order executions can be at the speeds needed to limit the effects of market volatility on the execution price.

    All these elements create an interesting combination when taking into account the fees charged by other cryptographic exchanges, not to mention the speed of execution that can cause a significant shift.

    While a large number of cryptographic exchanges offer a very limited number of cryptocurrency matches, NordFX was quick to deliver to its customers and potential customers with a large number of matches including: BTCUSD; ETHUSD; DSHUSD; BCHUSD; XRPUSD; ZECUSD; BTGUSD; EOSUSD; ETCUSD; NEOUSD; LTCUSD; OMGUSD; XMRUSD; and IOTUSD.

    Minimum and maximum lot sizes vary by pair, with margins well below the margins offered for less volatile FX pairs.

    The availability of the MT4 platform and the peer-to-peer platform for the cryptocurrency trade will certainly appeal to a large audience, as more and more traders seek to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market. currencies while seeking to retain the ability to exchange more mature asset classes.

    NordFX has also created cryptocurrency indices including 10ALT for traders seeking to gain more exposure to the cryptographic market. TOP3ALT: TOP5CRYPT and TOP14CRYPT.

    Adding to the appeal of the NordFX MT4 platform and exchanging cryptocurrencies is the option not only to go long-term but also to abbreviate cryptocurrency pairs and indexes.

    In addition to the MT4 platform, NordFX professionals have developed an MTEX trading system that has turned the MT4 platform into a cryptographic exchange.

    Minimum and maximum lot sizes vary by pair, with margins well below the margins offered for less volatile FX pairs.

    So, was it helpful? Now I would like to hear it from you.
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    Today many forex broker include a lot more than just currency brokerage of trading. They list CFD's , binary options, commodities, stocks, shares and for sure cryptocurrency exchange for all that things they really do. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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      this article adds to my insight deeper.


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        That is an interesting new project.


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          There are many forex brokers that moved into the direction of becoming fully functional crypto-exchanges. Some adopt other approach and offer only CFD contracts on Cryptocurrencies, but already lot of brokers develop exchange platforms from the ground up! You can see examples of such Cryptocurrency Brokers and find for yourself.


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            Certainly crypto currencies are gaining much popularity as there is high volatility and high earning potential derived from it. As I can see, many brokers are including option to trade some of cryptos in their services. I see this as a good development


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              Question - is this project subject to ESMA's European Union leverage rules?


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                Mlawson, good question. Crypto currencies are actually defined as crypto assets by IASB, in which sense it is unclear whether they comply fully with definitions provided by ESMA. But certainly if it is trading material, then I can only assume that leverage rules should also be applied on cryptos.


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                  I see, thank you for the clarification!