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    Almost all unhappy owners want to get rid of their timeshares. Somewhat surprisingly, most have worked very hard to try every means to achieve this goal. If you own a package, and feel the same way, there are 5 ways most owners try in order to get rid of their packages. However, in many cases, the results prove unsuccessful. Ever wonder why? To help you paint the picture, here are the 5 ways and some reasons why they did not work List of Timeshare Owners out and why they might not work for you, too. The most obvious way to get rid of the ownership is to sell it. The problem is the resale market is flooded with tens of thousands of owners who also want to dump their unwanted timeshares. All of them are advertising, listing, or working with a broker to try to sell their packages. Regardless of what you hear and read, you will need to pay some nominal fees upfront. Even eBay charges timeshare owners upfront to list their vacation package. Then, the problem is looking for a buyer who you may never be able to find.
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    Why people buy that timeshare in the first place ? I have heard about that things only in something like western countries, never in Eastern Europe for example at all. How to understand all of that ? Instead of making something easy (cause of nature of timeshare) it becomes nightmare over time.