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Three effective rules to trade the major chart patterns

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  • Three effective rules to trade the major chart patterns

    Without following specific guidelines itís impossible to make a profit in the Forex market. The new traders are always losing money since they donít know the perfect way to trade this market. Things might seem easy at the initial stage but if start to trade the real market, it wonít take much time to understand why the majority of the retail traders are losing money.

    There are many ways to trade the financial instrument in the world. But using the chart pattern is one of the most effective ways to catch large market movements. The rookie traders start to trade the live assets based on the chart pattern trading technique but eventually fails to make a profit. Letís learn three amazing technique which will help you to trade the major chart patterns with an extreme level of accuracy.

    Use the price action signal

    The best way to trade the major chart patterns is to learn price action signal. Being a new trader itís really hard to filter out the false breakout in any currency pairs. But if you learn about the most reliable candlestick pattern in the Forex market, you can easily find great trades. Being a price action trader you might feel confident with your trading strategy but this doesnít mean you take a huge risk in each trade. Trading is all about finding the best possible trade setups with managed risk. You might know the details of chart pattern trading strategy but this doesnít mean you canít incorporate a price action trading system. Use the demo account to fine-tune your chart pattern trading strategy to reduce your losing edge.

    Trade the continuation pattern

    Never try to trade the reversal chart pattern in the Forex market. Unless you have extensive experience in chart pattern trading technique, you must not trade the reversal chart pattern. Use the best introducing broker Forex platform to enjoy the premium trading platform. Smart traders prefer broker like Juno Markets since it allows them to make a profit at any market conditions. Things are really easy when you trade with the major trend. Never make things complex by trading against the major trend. Once you master the continuation chart pattern trading strategy, you need to use the demo account to trade the reversal chart pattern. Things might seem extremely hard at the initial stage but if you use the demo account you can easily develop reversal chart pattern trading technique.

    Forget about high-risk trading strategy

    Chart pattern trading strategy might be the most effective way to make a profit from this market but this doesnít mean you will take a huge risk. Trading is all about finding the best possible trades with managed risk. Never risk more than 1% of your account balance when you trade the major chart patterns. Think twice before you execute the trade in the Forex market. Analyze the chart pattern in the daily or weekly time frame or else it will be almost impossible to make a profit. Trading the lower time frame with the major chart pattern is a very difficult task. You are most likely to lose money in the lower time frame trading strategy. Focus on your chart pattern trading strategy and you will become better at trading.


    Learning to trade the chart pattern trading strategy is not all difficult. If you use the demo account, you can easily fine-tune the trading strategy. Trading is nothing but finding the best trades based on simple logic. Never try to use complicated trading strategy in Forex market since it will increase your losing edge. Push yourself to the edge so that you can become better at trading. Consider this as your business and you will become successful at trading. If necessary seek guidance from the trained traders and you will become better at trading.

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    These are good approaches but there are plenty of other good approaches, it's not just these three.


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      Thank for sharing. We need a good trading system and use it fluently
      Let's go for learn about forex


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        A good trading system, a proper trading plan, discipline to follow them, etc., all are necessary for successful trading.


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            I am not sure whether anyone but total newbies thinks trading is easy.


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                    For all major chart patterns, every trader should know best strategy to make chart analysis useful. No doubt every chart show different trading analysis. But some tips can be follow for all type of charts.
                    -> Always get to know about market trends and trade in the favor of Market trends, so you can increase your profit.
                    -> Trade with minor retracement so you can minimize risk ratio.
                    -> Follow risk management policy because Forex trading is uncertain and unreliable.


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                      Learn whether it is a good idea to move your stoploss or not.