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The British Prime Minister has agreed to close the parliamentary

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  • The British Prime Minister has agreed to close the parliamentary

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government yesterday (28th) directly asked Queen Elizabeth II to order the closure of the parliament. The Queen, who is currently on vacation, has agreed to adjourn the meeting for five weeks and is scheduled to resume Congress on October 14th. There are 17 days left. After the Queen’s agreement to close the parliament, hundreds of British people gathered outside the parliament last night, holding anti-Euro slogans and the EU flag to express protests, and launched a signing campaign on the Internet not to close the parliament. The signer has already Breaking through a million people.
    The focus back to the US 2-year bond yield is 5.3 basis points higher than the 10-year bond yield, which is the largest since March 2007. The intraday spread on yesterday (28th) continued to expand to 6.2 basis points. Before August, the last time the yield curve was upside down occurred in December 2005, two years after the global financial crisis and economic recession. Therefore, the market must be strict about whether the future interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve can predict the future prospects of the economy next year.

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    I am curious to see how the GBP will crash when the UK leaves the EU with no deal.


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      I am curious too. Johnson is a bastard


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        I know the decision is being challenged in court, what are the chances the courts will throw it out.