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  • Cryptaza Automatic Trading Bot


    I would like to introduce the best trading bot I ever used i.e Cryptaza automatic trading bot. Follows are some advantages of cryptaza.
    • 4-8 Highly Profitable & Accurate Binance & Bittrex trading signals for day trade per day.
    • 25-50 Highly Profitable VIP BitMEX Signals per month.
    • Complimentary BitMEX/Binance/Bittrex Autotrader: Our auto trade bot is Combining our high win rate trades and an automatic auto trade bot, you won't have to stare at a screen all day as the bot will execute all the signals called out in VIP, automatically in your bitmex/binance/bittrex account. You won't miss a trade again.
    • stop-loss bot: This will make sure any trades that go above Profit target1 always end in profits, without you having to personally move the stop limit loss yourself.

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    Here goes another topic with same information about everything, please make it possible for me to use it no matter what. Can you really make it or no ? I want to start with that bots and do need some more money there. I do hope it will all work out.


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      I don't understand why people want to make their lives so much easier... Trading is a serious business and directly related to money, how can you trust them to some incomprehensible program?


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        And I don't see anything wrong with robots. They are used by many traders, including those who have extensive experience. It's not a bad tool for earning money, when you can't pay maximum attention to trading yourself. The main thing is to find a robot with thoughtful coding.


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          Tell us a little bit more about your format, are there any restrictions on the amounts in your account? And write down what your commissions are?


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            At first glance, your system looks quite adequate. And I was especially pleased with the controlled stop-loss, because this is exactly the detail that many automatic approaches are so lacking. And you thought about it and this is good news of course. But on the other hand, I still don't have 100% confidence, because I don't see the actual results. It's hard to judge something purely by its descriptive characteristics. It's always better to "work" a demonstrative demonstration, with which you can evaluate the principle of operation, because understanding the mechanism - it's really important, because it helps to understand whether it suits you or not, what capital you need for this, etc. You have to admit, this is really important for any trader.


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              It seems to me that automated systems are becoming more and more popular precisely because of the high dynamics of the market and the formation of a huge number of new levels against the background of ongoing economic and political events. Yes, this is definitely the reason why even professional traders became interested in such things.
              But I think that we should remain careful in any case and think over every decision, on which depends what will happen to our money. And first we need to learn how to evaluate statistics and distribute capital correctly, even with this passive format. All the more so because it still remains under the power of your decisions, and in no other way.