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  • Doji Candlestick Analysis

    Doji Candlestick Analysis pattern is among the misunderstood candlestick patterns. There are four types of Doji candlesticks. Each has a different meaning and most advanced traders can figure them out. Most books written will teach Doji as a representation of indecision in the markets.

    Looking at the length of Doji, you’ll be able to speculate the future market movement. In this post, you’ll learn how to read and analyze Doji candlestick pattern. What is Doji?

    Doji candlestick appears on the trading chart when the market opens and closes at the same price level. It simply means that the market is uncertain if the buyer or sellers are in control.

    But there is a variety of Doji with various meaning on each. For now, let us know what usual Doji looks like:

    Doji is a simple candlestick pattern. But it differs when taken into context. It provides the traders the sense of how the market will move. For instance, when spotting a Doji in an uptrend. This simply means that the market is in equilibrium (temporarily).
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    Doji Candlestick analysis is among the critical and misunderstood pattern in trading. Learn how to analyze them and win the market.

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    Originally posted by mlawson71
    I often use candlestick analysis to trade, I've found it to be very practical and easy to use.
    Do you feel it is also easy to understand?


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      Originally posted by mlawson71

      Yes, definitely. I think it is the easiest to understand type of analysis.
      Same for me!


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        Originally posted by mlawson71
        Do you use any other type of analysis?
        Also monitor news, trend line also is useful thing


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          Yeah, if you are experienced trader even catchig headlines maybe sometimes enough, but must be done daily


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            Well good luck then)))