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The Monetary Authority of Singapore caps leverage at 1:20

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  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore caps leverage at 1:20

    Following the global trend of imposing stricter rules for margin trading, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) introduced a leverage cap of 1:20 for retail investors. As is the case in a number of other jurisdictions, the restriction, effective as of today, is aimed at increasing client protection.

    Before that, retail investors in the small nation-state were able to use leverage of up to 1:50, which is now accessible only for accredited investors. In order to qualify, they must either hold personal assets of more than 2 million Singaporean dollars ($1.5 million), have more than 1 million Singaporean dollars in cash, or earn more than 300,000 Singaporean dollars a year.

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    What I can say to that - only that richer get richer and only that probaly, correct ? Cause I do not see any way for simple guy to compete with all that matter totally and completely no matter how do you put it there. See my point with that ?


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      I would say that it's good no matter what last person get posted. Cause to be large scale investor you should have some money which you can allow yourself to achieve anyway for many many reasons out there. And do not allow small guy to do same by obvious reasons.


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        They are definitely trying to push the smalltime traders out of the market.