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    Trading has never been easier with amazing trading courses and trading techniques that can give you amazing profit daily. you need the right strategy and signals. write mrs Augustus on her email. her email is

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    No website? No additional info? Just a name and an email?


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      I don't think that's gonna attract many people, because there's too little information. I needed to give more facts about who she was and how she would help me learn to trade. A personal page and a life story would also be very helpful. I don't want to seem rude, but I lack information.


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        Actually, I think that each trader should come its own way and gain knowledge on its own, don't seek for someone who will teach and give everything prepared and explained. I understand that some people seek for such service, but if someone should be a really usefull trading coach, she should find own way and not just deliver information, but give special tips. Just my thoughts, hope she is doing well