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Best way to Migrate IMAP to Exchange Server

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  • Best way to Migrate IMAP to Exchange Server

    In these days many organizations are migrating from IMAP to Exchange as it is reliable and the Microsoft Exchange server also Provides the best security and ideal solution for the important data of an Organization. If you are planning to migrate from IMAP to Exchange server you can go for EdbMails IMAP Migration tool which is perfect solution to migrate from IMAP to Exchange or move email to exchange efficiently.

    How to Migrate IMAP to Exchange Server?

    First you download the EdbMails application and install it on your Computer. And then select “IMAP Migration” from the list then you can effortlessly perform IMAP to Exchange Migration process.

    EdbMails IMAP migration tool has a simple GUI and it is compatible with all the email servers. Some important features are given below.
    • EdbMails IMAP Migration tool is a high-performance oriented migration tool which performs Unlimited mailbox migration And Also successfully completes the migration task.
    • Selective Folder migration:

    If you want to selectively migrate folder and subfolder from IMAP to Exchange server, it is possible with this IMAP Migration tool.
    • EdbMails IMAP Migration tool compatible with all windows operating system and supports all Exchange Server version like 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.
    • EdbMails IMAP Migration tool supports Advance filter option.
    • Maintains original folder structure.

    To understand the working and functionality of the IMAP to Exchange Migration tool, we suggest you to try the demo version.

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