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6 Best Social Trading Platforms Which Are Dominating The Of 2020 FX Market.

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  • 6 Best Social Trading Platforms Which Are Dominating The Of 2020 FX Market.

    Welcome to the topic " 6 Best Social Trading Platforms Which Are Dominating The Of 2020 FX Market. "

    This topic will shed a light on6 of the BEST social trading platforms that are driving the FX market crazy due to their popularity.

    Therefore, do you want to learn from the best traders?

    There are many platforms that are now available, but the guide below will help figure out which one is best for you.

    For many consumers, an investment can feel complicated and difficult-especially for beginners.

    However, there is a way to learn from successful traders and copying their trades. This can be done through a social trading platform that allows you to see what others are doing, and then make your own movement.

    What is Social Trading?

    A social trading platform is a social network designed for traders. Instead of posting selfies, participants share their latest trading and strategies.

    It’s possible for you to pay attention to what others are doing, follow the traders who have the same philosophy as you, and learn from them.

    Not only can you follow traders and connected to the investor community, but in some cases you can also execute trades on these platforms, copying what others are doing-and hopefully make some money.

    However, social trading is not widely accepted in the United States, and you may not have the same access as non-US.

    Traders to trade possibilities. Even if you can not trade, though, you can still participate in the community and try out some of your own trading strategies.

    Social trading platform that enables access to US Residents

    As noted, some of the instruments traded on a social trading platform, especially contracts for difference (CFD), is not available in the United States. In addition, some social trading platform does not have the proper license to operate in the US

    However, it does not mean that there is no chance to get involved if you live in the US There are several platforms available to US residents. Here are a few.


    eToro is a social trading platform the most famous in the world. You can interact with other traders, get tips and strategies, and even copy their movements. In the United States, eToro has been slowly expanding its offerings.

    If you do not live in one country, you can still learn about and practice trading strategies by using the Virtual Portfolio.

    Also, some of the features and the market is still not available to you, so pay attention to what is available when you trade.

    For the most part, eToro is easy to use, allowing you to quickly identify the signal and uses that information to create your own trading or copying others.


    This social trading platform focused on the online Forex trading market, and there are only two US participants broker can be used with their social trading account.

    ZuluTrade you can join for free, and watching the trade unfold. Plus, there is the option demo account, providing the ability to try out different strategies before you risk real money.

    The ZuluTrade site is intuitive and easy to use. You can see the market sentiment, based on trade made by the members, and you can also see the top performers and the number in their portfolios.

    You can also join as an investor, where you can choose different strategies to copy and build your portfolio based on what works for others.


    ISystems use-based trading system. There are nearly 1,400 systems available to US customers.

    The system is made must meet a variety of regulatory requirements in the United States, so there are fewer systems available to US-based traders compared with those located abroad.

    However, if the system meets the requirements, you can choose from a variety of systems created by dozens of professional trading. Just pick your system and activate strategies through one of more than two dozen US brokers available.

    It’s even possible for you to act as a developer and create your own automated trading systems. Because automated trading is very demanding nowadays.

    FX Junction

    You can join for free on FX Junction, which allows you to see Forex trading signals from others, and automatically copy them from your own trading account.

    To use FX Junction, you should already have a brokerage account registered uses or MetaTrader5 MetaTrader4 platform. Once that’s done, you can select the signal from the professionals who wish to copy.

    FX Junction using what they call the Signal Provider validated that you can follow. You may have to pay AutoCopy, based on the providers you follow, but it is a major expense you’ll see.

    If you become a Provider Signal yourself, you will then be able to receive the additional benefit of people who copy you.

    Unlike many other social trading platforms, FX Junction is not actually a broker or deal maker, is also not an asset manager or advisor. Companies play aspect up, focusing on the fact that it does not have a conflict of interest.


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    Do you really trust those platforms? As you pointed out, most of them are brokers and deal makers. Simply unreliable.


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      Absolutely not reliable. If you dont believe, just try these trading tips on demo account and check for yourself. There is no free breakfast on forex market.


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        It seems to me that social trading was a new stage for many traders who needed support and real recommendations in the market. I have heard that many professional traders judge this approach because they believe that traders should act on their own. Yes, it is of course ideal. But I am convinced that newcomers need this kind of help because they often have problems with strategies or in order to find an adequate market entry point. And it is social trading that helps them to find this support and look at the most popular approaches. But here you should be careful not to choose high-risk strategies, especially if you work with small capital.


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          That is very important to enter to some community which is devoted to the topic you are interested in and which you want to develop. Thanks for the overview of social platforms. I'll definetely try them out and see which one is suitable for me.


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            Community support is very important for new traders to learn more and get motivated.
            There is nothing more discouraging than realising that you are lonely in facing the problems in trading because the trading situations are so different that a newbie may need help or advice any minute. That is why it is important to be introduced to huge community of traders and make friends or even find mentors who will navigate newcomers through the tough way forward success in trading.
            I really enjoy using eToro for its popularity and functions. That is one of the most reliable social trading platforms nowadays.