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The key day is January 6th for Trump and Dollar

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  • The key day is January 6th for Trump and Dollar

    The minimal chance of Donald Trump to save the president post is the reason for last movements on the markets.
    The chance is too minimal but it was a reason EURUSD to keep below 1.23 in the first two business days of 2021. On 6th January 2021 is the last key day and final decision for election of U.S. president. After the event tomorrow EURUSD may jump over 1.24 in the day. As overall the trend is stable in upward movement. The dollar will become weaker in the first half of January 2021. expects to see EURUSD to test 1.25 soon.

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    Hmm, I didn't doubt that there would be something like that either. It is difficult for a man to give up power and what yesterday gave him unlimited opportunities.
    But still, it must be stopped by all available methods, because it can affect the safety and lives of other people who are not even involved in these events.
    Order must remain at all times and in all things, because that is the key to making sure that everything is in order.
    There should be no rioting even if it is in some way a manifestation of a democratic society. Otherwise it will definitely lead to total mayhem and manipulation.
    And that cannot happen. And it's probably time for Trump to have his word.


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      I am not surprised that this is the way things are going, many people say that the last election was not entirely fair and that these results were achieved on purpose. And the recent events with the Pentagon came as a real shock to me. I honestly did not think that this could happen and the situation would get completely out of control. I hope that this will not be solved by violence, but by making decisions that will stabilize the issue of taxes and in general a lot of socio-economic processes, which was a real shock to a lot of people around the world and to the citizens themselves. I think it will definitely get better and everything will be fine. But for now, it all looks too stressful.


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        What is happening now in the U.S. can be assessed in different ways and I have already read a lot about it on analytical resources, and every time I am struck by these completely different thoughts and opinions.
        But of course many people say that this is a real provocation, a power struggle, which led to such loud consequences, the dollar is changing in value again and this can have a significant impact on the market.
        On the other hand, it could really be a genuine discontent, because even though Trump is often criticized and does not always agree with him, it is still hard not to recognize the fact that many of his decisions have been really effective and have changed some things in the country in a positive way.