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How To Find Trend Trading Opportunities

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  • How To Find Trend Trading Opportunities

    Trend trading is a style of trading. It specifies what you are looking for when trading a specific market.


    Trend trading sends you in the direction of looking for clear uptrends and downtrends. Anything outside of that is no longer considered trendy.

    A clear uptrend is shown by a series of higher prices and higher lows. A higher high is the last price at which you could buy an asset before the price went down (last discounted price to buy an asset before the price increased).

    While a clear downtrend is shown by a path of lower prices called lower highs (the last highest price to buy an asset before the price drops to a new discount price) and lower lows (the last highest (cheapest) price to buy an asset before the price went up).

    If you want to be a trend trader, you need to see a clear uptrend or downtrend in the market before you can call it an opportunity.

    Ignore the drama

    The next-best course of action is to avoid assets with no discernible trend. I prefer trading on the currency market. Therefore, if I see currency pairs with no discernible trend, I instantly move on to the next pair.
    To my perspective, it is preferable to wait for my opportunity rather than fabricate one out of thin air.
    The more non-trending pairs there are, the better. Thus, I have a limited number of currency pairs to monitor and trade.

    Limit the small mindset

    I have no idea which trades will succeed or fail. When I'm in the correct frame of mind, I'm not concerned about the opportunity not functioning right away. That's why I swing trade. As a day trader, I prefer to lose money slowly rather than quickly.

    It allows me to avoid telling myself I'm wrong on a daily basis.
    I've discovered that reminding myself that the market will tell me I'm wrong helps me focus on the outcome of the deal.

    This manner, as each conclusion unfolds, I can take each winning and losing trade with as little emotion as possible.

    Is this always simple? Nope! I wouldn't dare to deceive you.
    However, focusing just on "trend trading" chances makes it easier to set up for the following series of trades.

    Quick recap

    To locate trend trading opportunities, focus entirely on currency pairs that are trending and ignore those that are not.

    It's a good idea to limit your thinking by believing you're making a mistake by trend trading. Allow the market to inform you when your setup is incorrect rather than you telling yourself before the transaction.

    This allows you to concentrate on the outcome of the deal rather than becoming overly emotional.

    I sincerely hope this was helpful and that you were able to find a gentle solution.

    If you enjoyed this read, please like the post and comment on what your takeaway was.

    Happy trading ๐Ÿงก