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Learn The Iceberg Illusion | The Fallacies & Reality

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  • Learn The Iceberg Illusion | The Fallacies & Reality

    We often get mesmerized by someone’s above the surface success and don’t factor in all the below the surface opportunity-costs they paid to achieve that success.

    This is the ‘iceberg illusion’. It’s been a fav analogy of mine for years. And yet, this just might be a better visual for sport than the ‘iceberg illusion’.

    You see… the hyper focus on outcomes is one of the biggest failings (or façades) that comes from social media. It creates a false impression of what leads to success.

    We see the success, but not the work that went into it… The unseen hours, necessary failures, setbacks, crises of confidence, the not-now’s (to the countless asks), the loneliness, the late nights and early mornings; and, all the wobbling that comes before the walking—much less running.

    There are no shortcuts. There are no overnight successes.

    The iceberg doesn’t move quickly. It’s not sped up. It just moves consistently; at often a barely discernible speed.


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