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  • EURUSD Market Tendencies

    EURUSD Market Tendencies.png
    👋 Hey traders! For Day 10 of our 100-day challenge, we'll talk about the market tendencies of EURUSD in London and NY session.

    I scrolled back a bit to a random range and we can see certain market tendencies present here.

    1. London offers the biggest trading range vs NY and Asia
    2. NY offers second biggest trading range
    3. Overlap of London and NY is usually a reversal/pullback
    4. Seldom is the overlap a continuation

    You can use these tendencies to your advantage to:

    - Increase your directional accuracy
    - Decrease floating profit drawdown
    - Secure maximized profit within the day

    There are many other ways to capitalize off this market tendency. Hope this gives you a different perspective on EURUSD.

    Enjoy your Sunday and we will be back posting trade ideas tomorrow! See you then 🥂​