Hi guys,

I thought it'd be a good idea to see how everyone's managing the signals on LFT on their account. Do you have one account with several signals? Do you have a different account for each signal? Hopefully this will help new LFT members see what has been tried and might avoid the same mistakes!

I'm running 1 account at IC Markets with the following signals currently:
- FX Viper: 3x risk
- Kharveld FX ACE: 2x risk
- Trusted FX: 5x risk
- Will run Simple Scalper starting on Monday at 0.1-0.2x risk
- Also running 2 other EA's outside LFT (but not here to promote other providers!)

Have tried and abandoned:
- FX Junkie
- Silent Specialist
- GCMB FX (avoid signals with short histories!)
- Abgar FX

Hope others chime in with their experiences