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What is mam/pamm account?

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  • What is mam/pamm account?

    I would like to know what is mam/pamm account and how it work's and what is the difference between mam and pamm.

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    mam/pamm account

    some times when in doubt just ask


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      Hi eric, I would be happy if you could help me to understand this.

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        The new system from what I understand will collect all of the fund virtually in the master account
        If the master has 100k and the slave has another 100k,then the trader using the master account will see a total of 200k in his account
        This will give him the chance to do one of the two scenarios
        If he is using for example 1 lot per trade
        He can either now use 2 lots per trade ( same money management and risk rules)
        Keep the 1 lot per rule and double his limit of open trades, this is what the system is all about to give the trader more chances to make money from trades while some are in positive or negative dd
        Am I right?

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          Thanks okda, I think you are right.

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