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What does your investment portfolio look like?

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  • What does your investment portfolio look like?

    There's a similar topic but it mainly pertains to what Forex signals that the members are subscribed to.

    So I thought I would make a topic for people to discuss and share how their overall investment portfolio looks like, I think most of us has heard the saying to avoid "putting all your eggs in one basket" and I certainly think it might be the one best investment advice that can be given.

    To start things off, I'll share my own "beginner's investment portfolio" it is 40/30/20/10(Equities/Forex/Government bonds/Gold), there are no "elaborate" theories behind it. I believe long-term that the stock market will continue to grow as it always has been if we look past temporary dips like 2009, Forex is a lot more risky but it can of course give nice gains, government bonds are very low-yield but they are consistent and safe if you stay away from exotics and 10% is invested in gold futures as a mandatory "what-if" hedge if all hell breaks loose and global financial markets crash .

    How have you divided your investments?