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    Week 10

    Week 10 - 0.22% gainResults.


    Best trade of the week.
    Man this trade was the little trade that could! Within a few pips of my SL I had set on multiple hourly bars, so I brought my TP down about 15% as it was within resistance levels. Amazingly had a huge turnaround and finally got that GBP weakness I was looking for. Nice!

    Worst trade of the week.W10WT.png

    Biggest Mistake of the week.Biggest Success of the week.
    Listening to the story that the charts told me and not the Big Bad Wolf that was nagging me to trade!!!

    This cover is probably even better if know the original....


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      Good trading Journal BRM!
      Thanks for sharing, good luck mate!


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        The updates will be coming. I am away for 2 weeks with some pretty basic internet if indeed it even works.

        Needless to say been 2 shocking weeks due to VPS failure, no internet and big events timing in with flights or boat trips.

        Frustrating but this is also kind of what I was looking for, I want to see if i can fight my back to equity highs within next 3 weeks. Will be flying again this week during FOMC and NZD rates. This week I am trying to short the EU and AN. Also looking towards shorting E against one of the commodity pairs. And possibly long NC. Just trying to find the right entries but as this big news events are right smack bang in the middle or a flight lus in middle of my trading week I will put less amount of orders on. Bear in mind i am also likely going to leave trading the yen pairs as ECB messed up my UJ short last week. So FOMC will have an effect on yen pairs plus this bloody JPY press happening on Friday makes it almost untradeable (for my mid term length trading)

        Hope all your trades fared better last 2 weeks


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          Week 11 - 1.58% loss

          Week 11 - 1.58% lossResults.


          Best trade of the week.
          The ones that got away!!! Grrrrrrrrr

          Worst trade of the week.
          GBPUSD. Sold too close to support. Simple as that. Trade was over in 4 hours.

          Biggest Mistake of the week.
          This has to be a lesson learned here that if I am flring and literally unable to be connected then i will not put trades on in the future. I was unable to be connected to Twitter thus positive GBP news stories quickly made my setup redundant for the timeframe they were entered.

          Biggest Success of the week.


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            Week 12 - 0.95% loss

            Week 12 - 0.95% lossResults.


            Best trade of the week.
            EURNZD short (unable to remove TP or SL) - so had to manually close.

            Worst trade of the week.
            AUDNZD short. Too tight all over in 2 hours, was a rare market entry, could easily have waited for a usual sell limit but the setup looked good, the trade since dipped well past intended TP (of course)

            Biggest Mistake of the week.
            Taking technology for granted

            Biggest Success of the week.
            Even though I had many directions correct to not get %%% or $$$ out of this week is a shocker.

            So close.....


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              Week 13 - No trading due to flying during FOMC (can't take the chance of another computer malfunction!!!!!)


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                Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
                Week 13 - No trading due to flying during FOMC (can't take the chance of another computer malfunction!!!!!)
                Good thread mate. Looking forward to following your journey!

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