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    I did a seminar with Gurdas Something a few weeks back, under LTT, but with Greg, but under Knowledge or something - looks odd - Companies don't check out. I am complete newb to trading and though I sat and listened and took part, alarm bells rang A LOT.

    1. Poorly dressed lacky staff - seriously, if you are going to show the high life, at least make an effort you are too.
    2. Expensive course fees - its 2 grand, no 5... now its 8
    3. Cheap course fees - okay now its 2 if you sign up now - heres a USB stick and we take card!
    4. Highly polished, thin veiled.
    5. Weird discounts IF YOU SIGN UP NOW
    6. Pushing for more information had not much response
    7. Stating you aren't prepared to invest today - more or less shown the door, finesse disappears.
    8. Reviews
    9. Finding more info on their site shows that what they want to charge for can actually be free... ?! Which is it.
    10. Obvious paid actors for the review section, in fact I am sure I recognised one of the men giving review from the promotional world. This could be a REAL sceptical point, but something didn't seem right about the people they interviewed. Not one to judge - but some just didn't seem right at all.

    All I am looking to do is find a simple subscription or mentor to help me find my feet. The system they show seems solid, but also not. As a sub system it would probably be okay.

    So I find myself here and glad I listened to my gut and shot off. I know the investment figures of your own trading can bring great returns over your lifetime. I'm prepared to take A risk, but I would rather it be on my terms with out forking out 8 grand to sit in a classroom.

    Funny I came across this after all this time to confirm my suspicions.


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      So, here it goes. Before i say anything i will present what the company is and will let you judge yourself. I shan’t give my opinion until the very end.
      I signed up to learn to trade a year back. One "free session" was more like a sales pitch for their course which costs around £2500 which is basically them telling you learn from us and you will become uber rich and big lifestyle? They show you videos of some people that have "made it" because of their course. A few videos from Greg himself and then ask you to “take a risk” and sign up. They explain how it’s a £5000 course but because we are so special they are wavering the fees, Being a young naive man with some money to spend I signed up paid the amount and signed up to the course. You soon realize that the trading platform is also owned by Learntotrade, They tell you the software means nothing if you we don’t sign up to a subscription which is around £80 a month. Upon signing it’s a 3 day course, telling you about how the stocks work and pips and what not. All this information and more is accessible online for free. Then we are told we need to put in a minimum of £2000 in our trading accounts or what we learn is pointless. The trainer who came to teach us, showed us his house, cars, bikes and other things and made us feel what we could achieve. So far at this point we are all plugged in the idea and lashed out as much money as we could. A few have different speakers come in and tell us how they lost all their money and had nothing and now they own properties in London and have the most relaxing life.
      To anyone being fed information as such over 3 days will make you lash out more and more money. Anyways during day 2, one of the gent comes in and tells us how he has a world exclusive plan and people in that plan are making over 6-7 figures a year working only a few hours a day. This plan comes with one to one trading and access to it from anywhere in the world and you are gives company trading money to trade with and a pen and a champagne, oh yeah it cost £15,000. So I couldn’t afford that. A day training left and the trainer was getting annoyed at us for asking too many questions. To a point where we were afraid of asking questions, outside the class he wasn’t a very approachable person. They bring you in to “talk further” they said just because how “enthusiastic and good” I am they cut down the cost of the advanced course for me and can offer me that for £10000. They offered me interest free payment and I took the offer.
      Less than a week later, and losing the initial £2000 I had put in to trade with. I realise trading wasn’t for me as it made me really anxious and just stressful. So I left it and thought I’ll pick it up in a few months when I have more money to learn. Before I could get to that I had a serious family medical emergency, Life threatening. I sent them the doctors note, my families flights details, proof of me leaving my job. Sent them all, they still wouldn’t return my £5000. Their reply was they “don’t think the situation was serious enough”. £5000 of someone’s hard earned money, to a point where they won’t answer my emails or let me flat around the telephone for hours before answering. £2500 + £2000 +£5000, all this money and i have not made a single penny off trading neither have they assisted in any way as a company to change that. So my verdict of LearnToTrade is that the company is a sham, it only runs by taking money from people and not from trading. Please don’t fall into the same trap I did. Learn from me. £5000 to learn what a company and its people are made of in its core. They didn’t consider my situation and decided not to return the money. STAY AWAY FROM LEARNTOTRADE, Get a book, it’ll be cheaper and probably teach you a lot more. All the positive reviews you read are not of real people and are fake profiles. Please look for yourself.


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        I will follow your advice. because I was a brave your warrior.


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          Originally posted by anna.semera View Post
          I will follow your advice. because I was a brave your warrior.
          Well, I hardly think brave is the word I would use....


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            Originally posted by Nick View Post
            Dear fellow forex warriors,

            These guys stink. They really do, and there are a few reasons why.
            I totally agree with you Nick. These guys suck. I lost $1000 AUD.


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              thanks. I hope we meet at the peak of success.


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                Hi all, please stay away from learn to trade. They are the worst in the industry. They are disgusting and must be closed down, only way to save everyone their hard earned money. My experinace, I went along to the seminar, sold the dream, same old lines only certain amount of seats available and there is more attending the afternoon session! I did not sign up there and then but did when got home over the phone. By doing this I did not have a contract to sign was not told about paying their monthly subscription for their smart chart which is no different to using tradeview and a few indicators by the looks of it. Cut the story short I have since found out I have stage 4 cancer and undergoing rigorous chemo and radio therapy. I made them aware of this but they where abrasive and didn’t not care as I was 3 days iber the 14 day cooling off period which was stated in the contract..which I never received or saw. After the women finished speaking to me like a school child she asked for a letter off my consultant stating I have cancer. How great! After I got a letter from hard work as the hospital and consultant did not want this to happen due to patient confidentiality, the letter was not good enough for learn to trade as it did not have the consultant GMC number or hospital stamp. I have since got the GMC number but no stamp as it’s 2019 and they no longer use a stamp. But yet no refund. So as hard as it is to say I doubt il ever see my money before my days are ended.

                Please stay tat away from such a disgusting company.