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Is it possible to earn from binary options?

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  • Is it possible to earn from binary options?

    I know some traders switch to binary and gain handsome profits consistently. But I have always understand all derivatives to be a kind of gambling when you depend on your luck. So I wonder if a newbie like me could begin trading these? And what strategies do you guys you to get a bigger win ratio?

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    My advice would be to stay away from binary options. Not only is it very shady in the way the brokers work but it is also harder because you have to be correct in predicting direction of price as well as the exact time that it will move, e.g. within the next 5 mins you expect price to be lower.

    To make it even harder, you will always have a negative reward compared to risk. e.g if you bet $100, you will win $90 if you are correct. If you lose, you lose $100. You will never have positive risk to reward which means you must have a very high percentage win rate consistently.


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      I too think that people should stay away from binary options, especially if they're newbies without a lot of experience.


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        Originally posted by a4apple
        I better guess that binary options trading has introduced a new approach for trading options and it is relatively easier than forex trading as there is no hassle for stop loss, take profit, leverage or spread issues. However the main thing why there are so many disappointed traders and too many complaints regarding binary options trading is that there are very few binary options brokers which are providing satisfactory services otherwise if we check the reviews sites for binary options brokers we merely see a single feed back which is complaint free. So i think if we trade with a decent broker we will surely make good rewards from binary options trading.

        I'm onto you Apple... I'd bet my bottom dollar you work for a binaries option broker and are here trying to quietly make subtle suggestions on why people should think about Binary Options as a great way to make money (aka lose money).

        Go on, stick a link in here so I can ban you and we can move on.

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          Everyone has their own opinion which I don't think that sharing them means promoting a broker, i saw some negative vibes here and shared my experience. You can check my other posts to confirm if i had posted any links or added any URL.. Anyways, thanks for the disgrace.