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Trading news strategy with RSI indicator

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  • Trading news strategy with RSI indicator

    EDIT: I'll be providing live trading with this strategy soon.
    Hey, folks

    Just to inform you, I don't have any EA, this strategy is used with the RSI indicator and is pretty complicated, as well as other strategies are, but this one is something. Here, have a look.
    I use GMT2- timezone for the shown pictures in this thread.
    Although this strategy may not seem legit from the first time reading it, I did some research on it and it turned out great.

    1. This strategy may ONLY work on events such as Non Farm Payroll, FOMC Minutes and meetings and other highly recognized economic important events, and currency pair EURUSD since it is the most stable.

    2. You must use the RSI indicator to spot market movements from a specific time period, which will lead to identification of whether you should go LONG (buy) or go SHORT (sell) market.

    3. You MUST have M1 chart in your pair (EURUSD) or else this strategy won't work.
    TRADING FOMC Meeting Minutes

    In the above picture it shows that the line broke out with LONG (BUY) on 12:28, HENCE the market has only 1.3 or 1.4 hours to go LONG if an event arrived at that time, if it passed more than the given time (which is 1 hour and 40 minutes) it INDICATES that you need to go SHORT (SELL) but since FOMC is on 21:00 (GMT 2-), I can't tell yet.

    On 15:28, it went SHORT (SELL), meaning it has room to go SHORT for 1.4 or 1.3 hours.

    On 17:26 it went LONG again. It kept on going LONG for more than 2 hours, meaning it will GO SHORT on the FOMC Minutes as shown below!

    On 21:00 (2:00 PM) it went SHORT and fell almost 65 pips! Sadly, I can't predict the market so I only set my TP on 16 pips.
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    Please inform me if you did not understand the whole strategy. I'll explain it step by step.
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      Wait for my trade on this US Retail Sales event. I will be commenting very soon.
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        Originally posted by Oppur
        Please inform me if you did not understand the whole strategy. I'll explain it step by step.
        Pictures r not properly loaded .. so no one got anything..
        Perhaps a pdf. Explaining would be better ... or an email would be so generous of u ..

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          I'm back and I have an update for FOMC.


          On 17:57 it went LONG and we'll simply have to wait to see if it changes route to SHORT or stay on Long.

          By the way, if it kept LONG for more than 1 hour and 40 minutes that means we need to go SHORT. I hope this event isn't complicated.
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            Looks like no one was right, including me. Uh, I was so excited about this event and it turns out FOMC didn't change any rates or statements...