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WARNING: Goodboy is still telling lies about his trading!

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  • WARNING: Goodboy is still telling lies about his trading!

    A devastating trading day in my life Aug 7 2016; with GBPUSD recovering on such weak US retails 70 pips to my direction(north). Market decided to reverse like i never seen in my life. Such reversals u seen only on NFPs and FOMCs, today was a regular Friday. How can we explain this market brutality, words cannot describe... i was so close was to exiting with minimal loss, had my mt4 not frozen up on this huge spike. With my charts out off place n my PC all frozen. I restart PC, without having access to my charts. I open MT4 n discover 30-40 pips already reversed. i try to get my charts up so i see whats going on.. and i realize this is perfect sell off point right at the channel edge (1.3034) on 4H the pin came at the precise level n then bears took over.....by the time i had my charts 70% of reversal had occurred...given it was such weak news for USD, i decided to hold but nothing could prevent from stopping USD from advancing, across board reversal continued... brutality at best. The market is never friendly.

    I withdrew 4x the amount invested before this day, a winner by world standards (not my standards). My myfxbook may not look as pretty as before & may raise eye brows, but i remain at large GBFX with 400% gains, staring into the eyes of market for another comeback. It may not be easy this time, it was never meant to be easy...


  • Okda
    Don't feel sad cause they all knew the risks and they were told to consider it as a gamble and invest an amount that they are ready to lose

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  • Hans Bowles
    anyone with a normal functioning brain should and could have known I think

    - no past performance
    - no proof
    - high gains equals high risk
    - etcetera

    perhaps a bit to hard to say, but maybe even if it helps people to
    not jump on a train without a known destination, i will be happy.
    even if i helped only 1 person.

    it sure was amusing the watch his trades on the tradingroom
    livestream, pure entertainment, but i do feel sad for the ones
    who invested with him.

    take care,


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  • ccjhuang
    Well he always has excuses and it was always the market or his computer's fault...I believe he is just an amateur pretending to be a pro. Anyone can have a lucky streak for a few weeks or few months but it's the periods of DD that differentiate the amateurs from the pros. He clearly cannot handle any significant DD and there is no back up plan. Every basket was all or nothing. He said he did not sleep or eat for 2 days with the GU trades...how can you trust someone's judgement under those conditions? I think the good thing about Nick and forexsignals.com is that he is now fully exposed and I hope no one will fall for his false promises again.

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