Hi everyone,

I am looking for a trade calculator to calculate the exact price which all my trades will be in breakeven. I hedge with the same pair many times, so I need to know at which price my trades are in breakeven. e.g. I have multiple 0.01 lot EUR/USD BUY and multiple 0.02 lot SELL positions, so I want to know at which price will I be at breakeven.

There will also be an input of the spreads which I can enter to be included in the calculation.
There will also be an input of the different pair so the calculator knows which $/pip rate to use.
There will also be an input on how many pips in profit I want from all this trades I am in and display how much money I will profit.
e.g. I have more SELL positions and I will breakeven at 1.1340, what if I want to close all positions at 1.1330, I want the calculator to show me how much profit I will gain if I set the take profit at 1.1330

The calculator can help to set the T/P and S/L for all my position automatically. As I hedge with the same pair, I will need to close the bigger SELL lots with T/P and smaller BUY lots with S/L to gain an overall profit.

I hope that this is clear, I will draw an example using excel and post here as soon I can. I appreciate those who reads this and helps out.

Please ask any questions if you are unclear.