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    Hey guys!
    My name is Ben and I've recently started learning about forex and trading.
    I would love to get your help with recommendation for websites or mobile application for relevant market information and tools for analysis.
    Which are considered the most reliable and updated? What are the most important data pieces that I need? In what method do you use for trading?
    And any other information that can make my life easier and simpler will be great!


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    Hey Ben,
    I would like to help you in your trading experience. There are many websites and applications that help you know about the market and provides you relevant information and knowledge about various technical tools. is the most popular site which keeps you updated about what’s going on in the market, you can even see the important data release, lists of events due or have been occurred and their impact on the economy through the economic calendar, you can see it by going on this link- . You can also see the detailed analysis of particular instrument. - it is a information website that provides all business news , financial news , economic news and all relevant stock market data. I think this website is good for stock traders. - is also a reliable forex website which gives real time forex analysis. Charts, tools, economic calendar, education material all under one head. I prefer this site for daily forex analysis and their opinions are usually correct for forex instruments. - is a very interactive forum, where you can interact with other traders newbie as well as experts and can analyze your market knowledge.
    Since, all the websites have their own relevance. So while trading I personally view 2-3 diff sites and form an opinion about particular instrument and then create my strategy and implement it.