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  • new to forex trading

    hi i am new to forex trading. i dont know anything about it.
    i am kinda looking for someone to teach me or if you are confident about trading and can make me profit using my money let me know.

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    if ur in toronto it would be perfect!!!!


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      Start with babypips.Com that will educate you on the basics,

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        thx guys so which program is best to use for demo trade and real money trade??? and easy to use. plus on ur phone apps???


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          Originally posted by Mac Anty
          We the traders who are particularly the newcomers have to trade demo account for acquiring most powerful analyzing trade knowledge that is very supportive to continue a live trading in a proper way. but practically we the traders donít believe the importance of this trading place at all.
          I'm onto you Sir Spamsalot.

          Post a link... go on, I dare you.
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            Honestly, its not possible to describe here all important element of trading! But I can guide you, to be a good performer; you need to learn technical and fundamental analysis properly! Please take care of previous posts! There have so many useful posts on technical and news trading here! By the way, donít try to learn everything in a day, learning is a long term process!