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  • forecasts for Year 2017

    What will happen in 2017 and our forecasts in this article.
    In the forex market the forecasts for EUR/USD is to reach levels of 0.90. The Euro weakness continue in 2017 due too serious budget problems in the Euro Zone also interest rates divergence.
    The Pound to cut the half of the losses against the dollar in 2017 and became more attractive currency.
    Crude Oil slowly will recover to $65 for a barrel (New York) as the trading range is $42 - $65.
    The war in Syria will end in 2017 but in Iraq the war will continue together with new escalating of the conflict in Libya.
    A bad year for Europe we expecting where there are two scenarios in 2017-2018. The most negative expectations are the start of civil war in Western Europe. The other way is Western Europe to start cooperating with the Russian Federation and end of the sanctions.
    After Brexit other countries will try to leave European Union as higher chance to see for France and Italy.

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