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    Originally posted by Andre Astawal
    I don’t think any of these is better or things like that, it’s all to do with what we’re more comfortable with and that is enough to reward us. I am good with Technical part of things, but I am horrible with Fundamental, so that’s why I depend on my broker FreshForex, it’s so special with providing daily market analysis for free!
    I'm usually very careful with all that "free" things What kind of info they provide? Does it really give you an edge in your trading?


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      I have said it before "I don't know which one is more important you need to use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis when trading"


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        I think this depends on the individual trader and the individual trading. If you scalp major support and resistance points,then FA wouldn't be so much of relevance. However, if you trade long term, it is essential for FA that fuel price action, mainly interest rates.The best approach is to involve both/some combination of FA and TA especially on when to enter, and when to exit but it is of importance to use what your strategy tells you to use.