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Is this signal service a scam?

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  • Is this signal service a scam?

    I was investigating the site. I spoke with customer service and there was no real sign of the scam with the chat but what do you say? Is it a scam or not? Thanks.

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    honest, I don't know because I have never interacted with the site.


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      My advice to you is to learn to trade on your own, because it's just terrible when you're always dependent on someone. And if there is some crisis deal tomorrow and you don't understand how to get out of a difficult situation, and your capital has gone down or is melting in front of your eyes right now. No, it's not trading, don't rush to make all the money in the world, all your time.


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        It is difficult for me to evaluate such services, because in this matter a lot depends not only on the quality of analysis of the market situation, but also on when a trader opened an order, how he insulated himself in this situation, etc. And this is certainly difficult. Well, what can I offer you? Of course, you can check all this on a demo and control the results with accurate statistics. Figures do not lie. And this allows you to make informed decisions in any situation. I've never used such things personally, but you can try it to understand the market, to understand what you can focus on in the near future. It's true that any service can be a true help, and it can be the thing that will lead to losses. Try it. But carefully.