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    Do not make mistake I made. I sent this site $500 and was suppose to received $50 a week forever. I actually did receive 7 payments of $50 and then they stopped. So I am out $150 plus whatever should have come in the future. They claimed that their Neteller and Skrill accounts were not working. I was receiving payment by Skrill. Repeated emails get same reply, wait a few more days. I have waited and now it is over a month and it looks like I will never get the remaining $150. So to me a scam,they received $500, payout $350 and a nice $150 profit. I know I know, if it looks to good to be true it isn't. So I post as new member to share if you ever visit this site (below) DO NOT send them any money. Likely they will give you some payments but then their payment method will mysteriously have problems.


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    thank you for your very important information.


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      If you want to expose some as a scammer please provide at least something else except your worlds really. You described in really descriptive way all what is happened, yet I never was able to get something on you like it's name or anything esle which is there