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  • MetaTrader 4 iPad app

    While trying to compare the differences between MT4 for Android and iPhone, I realised that MT4 have made their iPhone app for iPad now too. It was released last month.

    ‎Connect to hundreds of brokers and trade on currency markets from the MetaTrader 4 for iPhone or iPad! The mobile trading platform allows you to perform trading operations and analyze currency quotes using technical indicators and graphical objects. Risk Warning: Our programs may involve real trad…

    Hopefully this means the end of me using RDP to my VPS!

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    Thanks for the heads up

    Much appreciated.
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      Hey, I checked out the link out of interest. It was hard for me to do it, as Apple is the Devil and I'm an Android man through and through!

      That looks very useful. Usually Tablet versions are just a stretched out version of the mobile app. That looks very usable indeed. Could easily dominate the trading world from a coffee shop with that app!

      I always liked TradeInterceptor on Android, as it allowed up to 4 charts on a mobile screen at one time, which is the problem with most apps, 1 chart at a time.

      What I would love is that your VPS MT4 charts could be pulled through onto the Metatrader app. This was always my biggest issue.. lack of syncing!

      This feature was available on an app called 'MT4 Remote', but it was the only good bit about it as the prices etc. weren't 'pushed' but synced periodically. Pretty pointless really as price jumped around the screen every x seconds. Hard to gauge price action in this way. I haven't looked at this in a while, wonder if it has evolved...


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        World's most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader 4 is now available for iPhone and iPad (Retina display)


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          Thanks for the help. But I don't think that would be helpful for me. For now, I am here to get about ideas the how much does it cost to design a website and that's why I am here because here I can get the best ideas with this.
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            As for me, I always feel skeptical about trading mobile apps.
            I deem that the most efficient way to trade is to use computer. There are lots of different functions which can be used for analysing the market. Speaking of apps, there are relatively fine, but I cannot imagine drawing the lines or Fibonacci levels using my fingers. This sounds super inconvenient to me.
            That is the question not of the app, but of the concept of the cell phones or ipads. Really, it is fine to use the app just to see how your open trades are doing, but they are not suitable for analysing the market and making some good financial decision.