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  • MT4 Trade Copier

    Hi traders,

    Has anyone found a MT4 trade copier that works well? I have tried a couple free ones which are not very good, and looking for a good option.

    Basically I am trying to have the same trades executed in 4 different MT4 accounts. I do not have a server setup, so I'm just looking for software that will duplicate trades (including tp/sl). I will have 4 instances of MT4 open while executing these trades.

    If anyone can offer assistance please let me know, I can't find many reviews of the paid options and would like to hear from someone with experience or any ideas to help with what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Thank you!

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    Fxblue generally is the best, I use it for 12 mt4, personal, mams, private clients and prop, works great and its free

    neefs to be run on a server though as would not recommend using it on a home pc, should work though as you need to check that both the sender and recievers are connected eveytime you launch your 4 mt4 terminals, as they need to be open in order for fxblue to manage


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      Thank you for the reply I appreciate it. Maybe I'm thinking a server setup is too expensive which is why I'm shying away from it for right now. What would you estimate the cost of a basic setup for maybe 5-10 accounts max? Any help appreciated.


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        you just need a vps, with your open mt4 terminals on it,

        so on your local pc desktop you trade on one terminal, yet on the vps you have everything open, and everything will be copied on your vps to your other mt4 terminals.

        cns or forexvps are fine, they both charge about usd $35 per month, and should be fine for 4 mt4, all your charts, indicators, etc are fine to to be on your local desktop, as on your vps only the sender and receivers will need to be attached to the charts


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          fxblue personal copier is best. Using it for 4 years.