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    We launched our AMarkets mobile app for Android and iOS devices

    Dear traders,

    We’re excited to announce that our AMarkets mobile app is now available on the Google Play Market and App Store.
    Use your device to perform trading transactions, deposit and withdraw funds, get fresh market data and analysis, and stay up to date with the latest company news. If you don’t have an account with AMarkets yet, you can register and get verified directly in the application.
    Your feedback is one of the key drivers of our business. It helps us improve our service. We highly appreciate your reviews and ratings on the App Store and Google Play Market!


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      AMarkets reduces the commission for trading cryptocurrencies to 0.1%

      Dear clients,

      Since cryptocurrencies are always in demand and are now highly volatile, we decided to improve our crypto trading conditions. From now on, the commission for trading cryptocurrencies will be five times lower – only 0.1% on all types of trading accounts in the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

      We are confident that these changes will allow you to reduce trading costs and increase your profits.

      We wish you successful trading!



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        Take advantage of a new trading tool!

        Dear Clients,

        AMarkets works every day to create the best trading conditions for its clients. To make your trading process easier, more convenient and even more profitable, we would like to present a new tool – “Trade Analyzer”. The service analyzes your account profitability, balance, equity, maximum drawdown and maximum leverage and displays a chart that shows the changes of each of these indicators over time.

        The analyzer allows you to track the current state of your account, showing the main account parameters, data on the current trading session and transactions history. The service also provides statistical indicators for your current trading: actual leverage, drawdown, daily profitability.

        It is a great everyday assistant for both novice traders and professional FX market participants.

        Available charts:

        • Profitability — changes in the account profitability over a given period.
        • Balance — changes in the account balance over a given period.
        • Equity — changes in the account equity over a given period.
        • Maximum drawdown % — changes in the maximum drawdown on the account over a given period.
        • Maximum leverage — changes in the maximum actual leverage used on the account over a given period.

        Charts are just a part of the trade analyzer’s functionality. The key advantage of this service is trading recommendations. Based on the account history, the service offers recommendations to improve your trading approach:

        • Recommended leverage. This section evaluates the leverage used by the trader;
        • Limiting potential losses. The service will alert you if you tend to perform transactions without placing stop-loss orders;
        • Drawdown analysis. The service evaluates your account equity and gives recommendations on acceptable drawdown level;
        • Recommendations on the optimal number of trading instruments. The service helps you choose the optimal number of assets;
        • Recommendations on the risk-reward ratio. The analyzer estimates the average profit to the average loss ratio and gives recommendations for maintaining the optimal ratio.

        The Trade analyzer is already available to each client in the “Services” section of a Trader Area. Feel free to test it right now!


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          Fund your account with no commissions at AMarkets

          Dear clients,

          We remind you that any deposits with AMarkets are commission-free, regardless of the payment method. We compensate our clients not only for the commission fees but also for possible currency conversion losses.

          Choose AMarkets, an online broker with some of the best trading conditions in the industry!



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            Went through your analyses and I found them cool


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              Make accurate trading decisions with the AMarkets market sentiment indicator

              Dear traders,

              We have recently launched a powerful analytical tool called “Trade Analyzer,” and we are ready to share another great update with you. Now, all AMarkets clients can get access to the “Sentiment Indicator” – a tool that reflects the moods of AMarkets clients in real-time.

              The indicator analyzes the buyer-seller ratio and signals the market sentiment (bullish, neutral, bearish). This information will help you determine when to buy/sell a trading instrument. According to statistics, when the share of either of the participants rises above the 70% mark, it signals that the asset is overbought or oversold. In this case, the market will move in the direction of least resistance, where the share of traders is smaller.

              You can learn more about this indicator on our website. A more advanced version of the indicator with the ability to analyze historical data is available to all registered clients in the “Services – Cayman Sentiment Indicator” section of their Trader Area.

              We are confident that this new tool will make your trading even more profitable and effective.



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                Trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 at AMarkets

                Dear traders,

                Starting October 23, you can trade cryptocurrencies around the clock. Now, the AMarkets crypto trading conditions are in no way inferior to those at popular crypto exchanges. Moreover, trading at AMarkets is more attractive (we offer narrow spreads and compensate our clients for deposit commissions) and safe since the company’s activity is regulated by an independent mediator, The Financial Commission.

                We would like to remind you that this is not the first improvement in our crypto trading conditions this year: we have already slashed our commission fees fivefold, to 0.1%, and added new cryptocurrency CFDs.

                And for clients with VIP status, we reduced swaps on cryptocurrencies and other trading instruments by 30%.

                We are confident that these improved conditions will make your trading even more comfortable and profitable.



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                  Been trading cryptos 24/7 for years


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                    AMarkets wins two new awards from Global Forex Awards 2021

                    For the second consecutive year, AMarkets has won two nominations at the prestigious Global Forex Awards: Best Value Broker – Asia and Best Forex Copy Trading Platform – Global.

                    Last year, the Global Forex Awards recognized AMarkets’ achievements in the Middle East. In 2021, we continued to expand our business into new regions, which allowed us to receive the Best Value Broker – Asia award. The appreciation of our RAMM copy trading service has also been of great significance for us. This year, the platform is developing especially actively: the number of clients and successful strategies from professional traders is rapidly growing.

                    The Global Forex Awards 2021 highlight those businesses at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs and world-class customer service, with 58 categories comprising of global award winners, as well as regional award winners which cover specific territories, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The public voting process for the awards took place throughout July 2021, with over 31.000 votes cast from over 4.000 unique voters.

                    AMarkets team would like to thank the Global Forex Awards for appreciating the company’s business achievements and presenting us with these valuable awards.