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  • AMarkets - Daily Market Analysis

    Dear forum guests,

    Here we are planning to post daily market analysis by AMarkets.

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    Technical analysis for EURUSD, AUDUSD and GBPUSD

    EURUSD price chart - 15.03.2019AUDUSD price chart - 15.03.2019GBPUSD price chart - 15.03.2019
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      a very useful post for us. may God repay all your kindness.


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        Technical analysis for AUDUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD
        AUDUSD price chart - 03.04.2019EURUSD price chart - 03.04.2019GBPUSD price chart - 03.04.2019


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          Technical analysis for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY
          EURUSD price chart 05.04.2019

          GBPUSD  price chart 05.04.2019

          USDJPY  price chart 05.04.2019


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            Forex analysis is generally divided into two, namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis.


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                Dear partners! 1st place - MacBook AIR 13"
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                3rd place - Mi MIX 3
                4th place - Samsung Watch (Gear S3)
                5th place - Meizu X8

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                  Dear partners


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                    Welcome the New Year with fresh bonuses from AMarkets!

                    Dear traders!

                    The New Year holiday season is another chance for us to show how much we appreciate our clients. So, forget about Santa. AMarkets will bring you better presents this year! Get your fresh winter bonuses from 15% to 100% plus a joyful cashback as a gift!


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                      Grab the bull by the horns in 2021!

                      Dear traders!

                      The symbol of the upcoming 2021 year is the White Metal Ox – wise, persistent, resilient, bold, known for its nerves of steel. Just like those who trade in the financial markets.

                      As we approach Christmas and New year holidays, we wish you to catch the bullish trend and enter 2021 with more profitable trades and wise trading decisions! To maximize your profit, take advantage of our special winter offer – increased bonuses and higher cashback rates.


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                        AMarkets receives two prestigious awards

                        Dear clients,

                        We are excited to announce that AMarkets has added two more trophies to its growing list of awards by winning the Best Copy-trading platform Nigeria and the Best Affiliate Program Nigeria 2021 nominations at the International Business Magazine Awards. Receiving these awards is the recognition that the AMarkets’ affiliate program and RAMM copy trading platform are the best in Nigeria.

                        Today, Africa demonstrates encouraging market and economic developments. It’s an extremely promising region that draws the attention of many international companies. Receiving these high-level awards is a confirmation of our business success.

                        International Business Magazine is an international business media with experts and analysts from all over the world. Every year, the magazine analyzes the companies operating in the stock market, insurance business, real estate, banking and finance sectors and brings out the best companies based on their performance. The magazine also provides the latest news from the world of business and emerging markets.

                        AMarkets team would like to thank the International Business Magazine for appreciating the company’s business achievements and presenting us with these valuable awards.



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                          AMarkets receives a World Forex Award: Best IB Program 2021

                          Dear clients and partners,

                          We are pleased to inform you that AMarkets has added yet another award to its shelf – the World Forex Award for its best Introducing Broker (IB) program. The Introducing Broker (Agent) program allows our partners to earn money by promoting AMarkets’ services among traders and investors.

                          So why has the AMarkets IB program become the best according to the World Forex Award?
                          • First of all, AMarkets partners receive up to 60% of the company’s revenue received from the attracted clients’ trading turnover. This is one of the highest rates in the industry.
                          • Secondly, we offer our partners a wide range of marketing tools in four languages ​​- banners, presentations, landing pages, images, articles, etc. In addition, each partner is assigned to a personal support manager who is always in touch.

                          The World Forex Award is the most prestigious and reliable award with transparent research and assessment methodologies. The World Forex Award recognizes best-performing companies that showed extraordinary results in a particular business sector on a global scale. Annually, only 10 companies are selected to receive the award in various nominations: the best trading platform, the best cryptocurrency broker, the fastest growing broker, etc. The award winners in each nomination are selected by a special commission. The board consists of researchers, financial professionals, academics, analytics and journalists.

                          AMarkets team is honored to receive such a high-level award as the recognition of its fruitful work and confirmation of the quality of its affiliate program. We want to express our gratitude to all our partners for their effective work and dedication in attracting new clients. And we, in turn, will keep improving our services and products to provide our clients and partners around the world with the most favorable and attractive terms!



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                            Top 5 Successful RAMM Strategies in May 2021

                            Today we’ll review 5 RAMM strategies with the highest profitability in May.
                            • The Tradebook USD was the best performing strategy in May. The largest number of trades was made on the following instruments: XAU/USD, DXY, S&P 500. The strategy’s profitability in May showed 61.06%. Thus, by investing $3000 in the strategy at the beginning of April, you would have earned $1831.8 profit, excluding the trader’s fee.
                              Strategy status: Conservative.
                            • The second place in the rating took the Loss-Proof 3 strategy. Trader earned $42.2 in a month. The total profitability of the strategy for the entire period is 174.94%. The trader opened positions in XAU/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF. So, by investing, say, $5000 in this strategy at the beginning of the month, your monthly profit would be $2110, excluding the trader’s fee.
                              Strategy status: Aggressive.
                            • In 3rd place is the REV FX strategy with its yield of 28.34%. During the month, the trader opened positions in S&P 500 and EUR/USD, XAU/USD currency pairs. The strategy’s profitability for the entire period amounted to an impressive 185.87%, which is a good result.
                              Strategy status: Aggressive.
                            • The 4th place was taken by a strategy called ANVAR with a 23.1% yield. The trader performed most of his transactions in GBP/USD, GBP/CAD, USD/JPY. The total profitability for the entire lifetime of the strategy is 184.36%.
                              Strategy status: Aggressive.
                            • The Arkad strategy showed 19.19% yield in May. The trader used three instruments in his trading: GBP/USD, EUR/CAD, EUR/CHF. Based on this, having invested only $1000 in this strategy at the beginning of last month, your income would have already amounted to $191.9 excluding the trader’s fee.
                              Strategy status: Conservative.

                            Earn like a pro with AMarkets’ copy-trading service!


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                              Up to $17 cashback for every lot traded with a new offer from AMarkets

                              Dear clients,

                              From June 14 to June 27, the cashback rate per lot in the AMarkets loyalty program will be increased by $3*. Accounts connected to levels from the second to the fifth will be upgraded automatically. For deposits of $300 or greater, accounts connected to the first and second levels will be immediately connected to the third level.