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FX Website Business Partner Wanted - UK based preferably

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  • FX Website Business Partner Wanted - UK based preferably

    Hi FX Traders!

    I set up an awesome website a couple of years ago, containing FX market info, the aim being to help independent FX Traders get hold of the analysis they need to make well informed trades. I spent a long time writing code for the analysis and the website looks awesome.

    The problem is I haven't had time to take it forward, as I have a very demanding day job, and it bugs me that there is so much potential there doing nothing!

    So, I am looking for someone to join me, that has really good knowledge of the Forex Market, that can write articles for the site, and can use social media to promote the site. Also, you must have the spare time to dedicate to this. It doesn't need to be full time, but it will take at least a couple of days a week.

    Preferably the person I'm looking for would be based in either London, or if not somewhere in the UK, but everyone will be considered.

    Please get in touch, on if you're interested.

    Look forward to hearing from you