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  • Greeting Everyone

    New here and just from the little bit I have looked around , I do believe I'm the correct place. I wanted a place to learn and share about trading and this looks like the place. I am a business owner so my time is limited , but see the day coming where my business will run itself. I have always been fascinated by trading and see it as a fun way to create a supplement income in the future. So I am stepping into the ring and getting this journey started. Looking forward to the learning process.

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    Great. But don't be fascinated by wrong desires. Forex isn't a place for making money. Most people bump in the forex and run away with loss. There is a supplement income but in a very long learning and experience. It's not like bf/gf commitment but husband/wife dedication to make it work. I hope you get the right attitude to start.


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      I do have the right attitude , I completely understand what you are saying and am willing and have the open mind for learning. Nothing sustainable happens over night and its something that constantly has to be worked on. The way I see it is it's like life the learning never stops. Thanks for the input.