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    Hello, I'm new and very happy to be here.

    I'm French woman, I'm 52.

    I've been trading forex since a year and half with no success. I blew my account twice because of stupid psychological mystakes and I'm convinced now that technique isn't everything lol.

    I've been testing several methods but couldn't make them really work.

    Finally I tried Andrew's M5 scalping method and things got better. I hope to improve my results with the momentum meter indicator.

    I'm eager to learn a lot with you.

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    Ive been at this game for over 10 years and I will be honest with you.

    You will have to pay for your success up front. To pay for your success is by accepting failure and losses on a daily basis. You will be knocked down constantly and while that happens you will also lose money. That will happen for sure. How you chose to do it though will be up to you.

    Financial markets take the smartest people and smash their face to the ground on a daily basis.

    Living with this and keep going over the years will eventually educate of what works what doesnt. There is no shortcut and there is no easy road. and Mr Andrew is a good place to start. But the benefit is worth the struggle.

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      Thank you for your welcome and your encouragement.