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  • UsaForexSignal
    Most welcome to join the community.

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  • Sity1970
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  • Agredritlan
    It's great that you have certain knowledge, it means that you will be able to get used to it much faster and you obviously may have good achievements in the near future. Good luck to you. I think that even if you have any difficulties in the market, it would be a pleasure to help you here.

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  • Mr.K
    started a topic Fresh meat!

    Fresh meat!

    Hi there !

    I am new here, and wanted to introduce myself.

    I a fairy young, kids, wife, house and all. Settled in that matter, and want to explore new horizons.
    Been working in sales my whole life, and I can bee quite good at it, if I want too.
    I recently got a grant for a Bachelor degree, with most expenses covered. Yeay!
    The plan is to study economics and administration, and that corresponds great with trading.. Luckily Ive been following different markets over last 2 years, so Im not totally new....

    I consider myself as a professional noob, but I willing to learn.
    Have already completed all Sessions in the Trading Lab, with the exception of the endless list of workshops... Different account, so might not show here, Yet. Will repeat all again...soon..

    My hobbies are music, tech, and starting projects.
    Hope you have time and want to chat, as I would like to know more about setting up servers, multiple accounts and lot more.
    I have a huge passion for hardware also. Might get interesting...

    I have not checked yet, do you have any common platform of voice communication?
    I have good experience with Discord, through gaming, and would like to set up something, if there aint already..

    Best regards Mr.K