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  • Hello. I'm a PRO....

    Hello everyone.

    I am new in trading and I want to meet all the awesome people in here. My name is Nita. I have been trading coming to a year. You must be wondering why I said I'm a PRO but then stated that I am new in trading. Well...I am a PRO in blowing my LIVE account I think I belong to that group of people who are caught in the Cycle of Doom that Andrew mentioned in his video So now, I really NEED TO CHANGE MYSELF! And I came upon here while googling after making a prayer to help me out after I blew my LIVE account again. I really hope this is the answer to my prayer. I really NEED to clean myself up with all the mistakes I had made. Please guide me because after watching the first 2 Modules videos, I realise I HAVE SO MUCH TO RE-LEARN AND SO MUCH TO MAKE AMENDMENTS. Thank you in advance for all the guidance and assistance that will be rendered to me. God Bless US.

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    Dont feel bad. Everyone fails the first time. Your on the right road by asking for help.

    My advise.

    1 - Forget live account and go back to demo when you have a working strategy.
    2 - Go through all the learning videos in the lab.
    3 - understand the math behind expectancy curve and make sure you stay always on the profitable side of that curve.

    Good luck.

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      The first good thing is that you've accepted your losses and your weaknesses as a trader. You are at the right place, and I hope you'll get the help that you need. Take some time out and re-learn what it takes to be successful. Don't go live until you become confident in demo


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        hi, well done for not giving up, im learning too and if we let the losses get to us we will never make it, one thing i have always said is a loss isn't a loss if its a lesson learnt


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          You are not only the one, i lost my account almost about 4 years ago and from then i am learning and testing everything on Demo account. Now i am happy that i have watched all the Andrew's videos and going through Max.. So please keep learning and things will turn back