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    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Dextor and i want to start Forex Trading career. What you suggest for being a newbie what type of forex trading account i've to use?

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    Good morning. The best thing I think and this is only my opinion is to find a very good mentor and teacher that knows the ropes and who will teach you how to trade the right way and not by using all of these robots. It took me a few years to learn how to trade because I don’t want to half ass do it.


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      Hi, my advice to you is not to do trading, but try gambling instead. Here is a good app for those who start and for those who gamble for a long time already. Trading is not that actually good but in gambling, you can start easily and from time to time win big sums


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        Originally posted by lidanon View Post
        Hi, my advice to you is not to do trading, but try gambling instead.
        thanks for your suggestion.....
        Sorry to say no interest for Gambling that's why start forex trading journey


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          It's always best to start with good preparation, which will become your theoretical basis for further training and becoming a real trader. You should choose high-quality training materials: articles, reviews, videos that will allow you to become a real professional and achieve your goals. I do not think it is very easy, but you need it. And of course try to find a normal broker who will not let you down. This is very important given the fact that his actions also directly affects the safety of your capital and guarantee that no external factors will not prevent you from trading in a normal, or rather convenient for you mode.


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            The only thing you can wish a beginner on the market is good luck and patience. And if the first wish is quite abstract, I would specify the second one in more detail. In fact, we should not assume that trading is a pure pleasure and excitement. In fact, it is a huge job that will require a lot of energy and patience, you should know that you will have to work hard and only this will be the basis for your real earnings. But if it doesn't scare you and you're really ready to become a real professional in trading, then you have a really big future and unlimited prospects, and believe me, you'll never regret what you started, even if there are some difficulties in your way. And rest assured, they will.