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Generating a Weekly EUR/USD Consensus, accurate in 7 weeks out of 10

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  • Generating a Weekly EUR/USD Consensus, accurate in 7 weeks out of 10

    Thanks to the administrators for allowing us to tell you about our relatively new free Consensus FX (CFX) app, which can be found at Hopefully consensus can be a useful addition to the range of tools used by forex traders. CFX is totally free and always will be. We ask you to vote every Monday between 1pm and 3pm UK time, on whether you think EUR USD will end the week either Above or Below the level at 1pm UK time. Simple as that.

    You can see results so far at the above link. Please note that average weekly pips profit would in reality be much greater where stops and trailing take profit orders are applied. Whether it's your gut feeling or as a result of detailed analysis, vote on the CFX app and those who vote will see the weekly consensus as generated by you, our users. Those who do not vote will see all historical data up to the previous week.

    We believe that consensus accuracy will increase as we grow weekly active user numbers. Please take a look and let us know what you think, by replying to us on this forum. All feedback is very much appreciated. Good luck!

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    really? that's awesome!


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      Thanks Iluminatis, we think so too. But we need more users, the more votes we have each week from real fx traders the more consistently accurate the weekly consensus will become. Or so we believe. So please sign up and spread the word (it is is a free app). Please feed back any comments on this forum.