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  • Flexable presentation- MAMMs / Signals

    Dear All,

    I have been investing in the stock markets for the last almost 20 years. And also in physical gold the last couple of years.
    It has of course been ups and downs. But it is in the stock market and in gold that my major part of capital is invested.

    In 2015 i saw on a distant friends Facebook that he was into trading Forexs and he linked to a homepage he had made wich were about Forex.
    He was quiet optimistic about his future, but he crashed and burned after a while. And his homepage was left with no updates.

    Anyway, one thing led to another. On his site there were links to his system on and i was investigating that site for some weeks.
    When looking around at myfxbook, FX Viper got my attention. That looked like nice a thing to be a part of.. But i did not know how to take part.
    So i started to google and by doing that i ended up at by late 2015.

    Here i found out how to join MAMMs. I did read all the relevant threads regarding FX Viper and started to invest in FX Viper MAMM.

    Later on i also did the Smart2 and Goodboy thing...
    We all know how that went.

    Then as many others into Goldstar with whatever money left from Smart2 + topping up with some cash.
    It was a joyful start, but that changed as we all know. Bad timing...
    However, i still have my GS MAMM running and i feel somewhat optimistic about it for the long run.

    I allocated my money from Viper to Steady. This was actually pretty OK. I did make some decent money with Viper because i joined when he was a bit into that long drawdown.
    I did not have the first couple trades. So for once the timing was for my benefit.

    Today my forex portfolio is 2/3 Steady and 1/3 GS.
    I really like Steady and i am pretty confident with GS.
    But is wish to complement with something else. Maybe just for a little bit of more happening.
    Nick - Admin I would love to if you could present a new product! I know of course that you can not release whatever..
    But i really hope that you are scouting.

    The other thing i am thinking about is to start to follow signals.
    But my knowledge is almost to none regarding this.

    Can anyone please show me in the right direction to where to find good info?
    Or present a short list what is needed.
    1. VPS
    2. Blah blah...
    3. ....
    4. ....

    Any tips or word of advice would be highly appreciated!

    Over and out!

    Kind regards,