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  • Hi all

    New on here, I live in the UK with a beach 5 minutes walk from my place of residence. Took early retirement at the beginning of this year. Eventually found my way to Forex 6 months back having dropped 20K through fraud on a Binary platform. I know now lol!!
    Found a couple of UK regulated brokers and have been trying to learn how to get into positive numbers. Close but not there yet, have gone from labrador trading, I.E ooh ohh its moving I must catch it, umm. To drawing trend lines and resistance/support lines and still not getting a larger proportion of wins vs losses. Settled on a naked chart and an RSI indicator now along with the lines, I draw good lines, Bought into the fancy this will work 75% of the time indicators and some training, nil points on those.
    Have an account with copy trades on it which is annoying the hell outta me, mainly as it does well while I am not.
    One day I will turn this around, grrr, Refuse to give up.
    Aside from the annoyance factor of the charts ignoring my excellent trend lines etc determined to plough on.

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    Hi Jon,

    Your story is exactly the same as everyone else's on here. We signed up for a course which would make us rich. We lost a load of money. We searched around for systems that would could trade our selves - We lost a lot of money. We found signals which promised the earth, but lost us a lot of money.

    You will find lot's of options here to lose a lot of money too.

    There is a small shining light, there are some signals that have worked. Look at Steady Capture, cannot recommend enough. With more risk there is JoProNation, also.