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  • Hi All

    Hi All,

    A Happy New Year to You, and it's great to be here part of the community.

    I recently joined ForexSignals after 3 years of FX trading in the evenings (Australia time), blew a few accounts, read many technical trading books, bought a few courses and despite the set backs and current (perpetual) draw-down, still believe its possible for me to become profitable as I sense gradual improvement and, dare I say, beginnings of enlightenment.

    I am currently considering two styles of system to understand which suits my personality and cash flow requirement; swing trading (on H1/H4 time frames) and scalping (M5 time frame). However, switching between systems without commitment to rules or a trading plan I think has been my biggest problem, and the scalping prone to losers larger than winners.

    Prior to joining FS I had resonated with Hector Devils 3SMA swing trading system (waiting for pullbacks in long established trends to the 30 SMA dynamic area of support/resistance and waiting for reversal pattern break outs) and experienced some success, however lack of testing, and struggling with discipline to wait for the deep pullback, cutting winners short and seemingly (to me) catching trends just ahead of reversals frustrated me. Hence slipping into bad money management and revenge trading - basically my emotions uncontrolled, I think by not having tested a large enough trade sample and missing trust in the 'law of large numbers'.

    Andrew Lockwood's propulsion strategy fits well with my beliefs, and seems to catch moves earlier with higher probability of follow through, and the daily sessions are helping focus my trading, plus the fundamental insights and member trade ideas based on similar strategies are a great back up. Still dabbling with scalping in between trades, but may well drop it if I can hit my required cash flow with the same risk on higher time-frame trades.

    So, here's to my 2018 trading plan, positive about future success and learning from you all!



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    Hello all forum members, I have recently joined this community for the first time and I am really happy to be a part of this great community.