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    Hello Traders, My name is Stelios. im from Greece and i'm doing forex the last 4 years. I'm working on a challenge with some traders i'm working with at the moment and i would like to show people that even if you have a small account of for example 500$ you can still grow it big enough to make a living from forex industry.. The challenge starts from an account of 550$ and the goal is to grow it to 12.000$ in 2 years.. On the link bellow you can follow my trades (for fee) or just add me as a friend for some free signals that i will provide every week.
    The system that im trading and my trading plan doesnt not allow my trades to put my account's balance risk at more than 3% at any time, and the monthly goal is to grow the account from 5%-10% each and every month but without withdrawing ANY money so we can catch the goal of 12.000$ in 2 years!!!

    So add my as a friend and we can keep in touch from inside

    Page to add as a friend:

    Facebook page:
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    Great! I hold my fingers in trading!